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Things Every Business Needs to Know About Facebook

Facebook has become more than just a sharing platform for friends and family, it has become a marketing giant for business promotion and sales. By enabling you to target specific demographics and geographical areas, you can reach an audience that’s engaged and interested in the products and/or services you provide!

Can My Business Achieve Top Placement with Inexpensive SEO?

I hear this question a lot. Business owners who look into SEO in Albuquerque, or elsewhere in the country, may experience sticker shock initially. In an effort to save money, cheap services are chosen—services that just don’t yield results. Generally, it leaves a bad taste in a business owner’s mouth and sours them on the… Read more »

Why Good Web Design Just Isn’t Enough

Establishing a strong web presence starts with a good website. And if you’re looking for good web design in Albuquerque, you are on the right track! Unfortunately, if you’re only looking for good web design, you are not going to achieve the results you want. Sure, you may have a beautiful site, but if it’s… Read more »

Ugliest Website Contest Winner!

The “Ugliest Website Contest” on Facebook is over and we are happy to announce that Nick Layman Media is the winner of a 50 page website by! We’ll be sending you an email with information on how to redeem your prize shortly. Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest. We appreciate you!

The Surprising Truth about Mobile Website Design

If you’ve been looking for the best way to reach your target audience online, no doubt you’ve run across information about the importance of mobile website design. You’ve probably come across stats, like this: More than 1.2 billion people access the web from a mobile device (Trinity Digital Marketing) 58% of people in the US… Read more »

Top 10 Characteristics of (Good) SEO

As Albuquerque businesses continue to realize the importance of a strong web presence, more owners are looking for ways to boost their visibility online. And most local businesses have heard that SEO is the best way to do this. And they’d be right. But what many businesses don’t know is that not all SEO is… Read more »

Updating your Web Page Design

Website Design for Businesses Is your website suffering from outdated design? Do you wish your website served as a tool to improve your bottom line instead of a virtual business card that nobody sees? Turn the look and functionality of your website around with unique ideas and aesthetically pleasing design from Our web page… Read more »

Custom Website Design

Your website is an extension of your business. As an extension of your business, your website not only needs to present a polished, professional image, but provide an experience that sets you apart from your competition—both of which are essential to achieving maximum results. As a successful Internet marketing firm, is your go-to company… Read more »