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SonicSEO partners with Directory Plus to offer online access to info

Same purpose, different platform. That’s how the members of a new partnership describe their agreement to mesh online marketing and search engine optimization with old-school phone directories. Directory Plus, a regional directory publisher based in Durango, Colo., and serving multiple markets in New Mexico, will offer its clients complete Internet marketing services through, based… Read more »

Directory Plus Teams Up with to Provide Complete Inbound Marketing Services to Local Businesses

Directory Plus Teams Up with to Provide Complete Inbound Marketing Services to Local Businesses Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Other Internet Marketing Services Now Offered to Local Yellow Pages Advertisers Directory Plus, a regional directory publisher serving Southern Colorado and New Mexico, announced a new venture with today to… Read more »

Your Valentine’s Day Matchmaker:

Your heart is pumping, your palms sweat. Your words, usually so witty (at least you think so), suddenly fall flat. Yes, that’s right. You’re falling in love. You’ve found your perfect match. Suddenly, everything in your life falls into place. You have that extra spark in your step that comes with the satisfaction of knowing… Read more »

Twitter Marketing – How Does it Fit in With Internet Marketing

As with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. But how exactly does Twitter fit in to a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign? There are two forms of twitter marketing: paid twitter advertisements and twitter marketing (which is marketing of your company twitter account). Twitter ads (also… Read more »

It’s Not Exactly News: You Need Search Engine Marketing

eMarketer, one of the leading digital media analysis firms, projects growth in search spending over the course of the next few years, reaching $30 billion by 2016. Fueled in 2012 by national elections and the Summer Olympic Games, search spending trends will secure the crown on Google’s head as the king of Internet search, but… Read more »