Monthly Archives: November 2011

20,000 Users Banned from Facebook Every Day?

Lessons every Business should know about using Facebook Facebook bans 20,000 users a day—and it’s not just kids violating the site’s age policy (you have to be at least 13 to post a profile). Facebook’s rules are changing all the time. And businesses that purposefully or inadvertently misuse Facebook could be banned. YIKES! It takes… Read more »

Can you do a Barrel Roll?

Can you do a barrel roll? How much do you love Easter egg hunts? Did you know Google likes to play clever pranks on you? Hidden beneath the surface of programming, there lay little jokes called “Easter eggs.” Have no idea what we’re talking about? Open a new tab (in Firefox or Google Chrome), go… Read more »

Find Us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter: Marketing through Social Media

Location, Location, Location This mantra has guided businesses to consciously incorporate geography into their marketing strategies for increased visibility and traffic. Businesses seek office locations that are convenient for their clientele or in high rises that inspires confidence in the company’s success. They place ads on bus benches, grocery carts, billboards, etc.—all to push their… Read more »