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Why is SEO Important?

How Acting Fast Will Help you Achieve Effective Search Engine Optimization Placement Maybe you’ve been contacted by a few search engine optimization (SEO) firms that claim they can help you achieve high rankings in the search engines through economical business search engine optimization. Maybe you’ve thought long and hard about the benefits of implementing an… Read more »

Should I Include Video on My Website?

You may have noticed that video optimization is a new hot-button issue currently discussed around the proverbial SEO water cooler. The current upsurge in video optimization is due, in large part, to Google’s launch of Universal Search, a shift in the way Google presents Internet users with search result listings… Read more

The Big 4 of Social Media

In case you’re 80 years old, just arrived from off-planet, or somehow built a time-machine in the past and used it to arrive here (the “future”), here’s a quick rundown on the four biggest social media sites, what they’re good for, and…some other stuff, maybe.

Blogging 101: How Blogging Can Help You Get More Clients

You may have heard that blogs can deliver excellent search engine optimization (SEO) results for businesses with the elbow-grease and ingenuity to set up and maintain a business blog. You may have also heard that business blogs are a big hit with potential clients and can help you strengthen and increase your client base and… Read more »

6 Steps to Prevent People from Checking Out of your Check-Out Process

It’s the Internet, and we’ve all got tiny attention spans. There are cat videos that need watching, after all. That’s why if you have an e-commerce site it’s vitally important to get customers all the way through your check-out process as quickly and painlessly as possible. You’ve already done the heavy lifting—through your search engine… Read more »

@ButchCassidy – What if Twitter Was Invented in 1900?

In recent news, a lost manuscript purportedly written by famed western outlaw Butch Cassidy has been discovered. Though written under the name William T. Phillips, the manuscript claims that it is, in fact, an autobiography of Cassidy. Phillips became Cassidy’s alleged pseudonym after what he claims was his escape from a 1908 shootout in Bolivia… Read more »

Eyes on the Prize: Web Design with a Goal

What is your business website for? Typically, you want your website to drive business—to make customers buy your products and services. Whether you sell directly over the web or are using the site to get people to call you or to visit a store, the goal is the same.

Web Site: DIY ?

If you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer and you find yourself up to the challenge of designing your business’ website, there is no reason why you can’t construct it yourself. Will the website you create help your business?  Maybe, but probably not… Read more

The Key to Getting Links

Do a quick Google search on “How to get links” or something like that—you’ll get a whole boatload of blog posts and other articles from the SEO community with nearly countless tips and tricks to getting links that point back to your site. Use Yahoo! Answers, use Craigslist, list your site on the local library’s… Read more »