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Analyze This

As we’ve discussed before, analytics is an extraordinarily useful tool in Internet marketing, and one of the key ways Internet marketing stands apart from traditional marketing. The wealth of hard data at your fingertips lets you know exactly what is and is not working, allowing you to spend your marketing budget far more efficiently than… Read more »

“I’m Lost”

This is exactly what you never want a visitor to your website to say. Here are 5 important features to include in your website design to ensure people can find their way around quickly and easily:

What to Expect with SEO

Web Site Ranking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services In order to maximize the benefits of your SEO strategy, and avoid misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations, you should know what you can expect—and what you can’t expect—from search engine marketing. In the world of search engine optimization, more is involved in boosting your business’ name to… Read more »

5 Ways to Improve your Website’s Conversion Rate

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that having a website is not enough to be competitive in today’s marketplace. You’ve got to be easily accessible to potential clients. You’ve got to stand out from the competition. You’ve got to meet the needs of your target audience. While it’s… Read more »

How to Choose a Web Design Firm

Developing your Web site is one of the most important aspects of your online marketing campaign. Your Web site must be inviting, professional and easy to use if you want your Web traffic to turn into clients. If your site is not designed properly, you have a lot to lose.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Pay-per-Click Advertising

As a business, your website should function as more than an electronic business card that rarely gets seen. Your website should: set you apart as the business of choice for people in need of your products or services be easily accessible to potential clients who are looking for your products or services your website should… Read more »

Stop Interrupting…Be Interesting!

For years, marketers have devoted their time and energy to pushing messages out to as many people as possible. From interrupting television programs with commercials to interrupting a peaceful evening with phone calls, marketing tactics have traditionally invaded people’s personal space—creating negative sentiment while hoping to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. While technology… Read more »

8 Ways to Improve Your Website

Just about every business has a website these days. And you can tell which ones use a “mom and pop” approach and which ones invest in their site as an effective marketing tool (potential clients can, too!). If you’re new to the game of online marketing or want some tips on how to improve your… Read more »

Targeting a Niche Market with Search Engine Optimization

When you are researching different search engine optimization companies, you will likely find that most emphasize the >amount of traffic you will receive as a result of their efforts. While traffic can be good, it’s not always an accurate way to assess the success of your Internet marketing campaign.