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What is an Internet Troll?

The word “troll” is an Internet slang term denoting someone who tries to provoke an emotional response or disrupt the flow of conversation in an online community. Trolling can be done in online discussion forums, chat rooms, blogs, or other social media outlets. Since trolls are purposefully controversial and often post offensive or harassing messages,… Read more »

Link Baiting: How to Get Great Links with Great Content

One of the biggest challenges many people face when optimizing their site for the search engines is getting quality backlinks (links to your site from other sites). While automated link building services may sound tempting, you could cause serious harm to your site if you do not ethically build your backlink network with other quality… Read more »

5 Creative Uses of QR Codes

Want to spice up your marketing and show consumers how tech-savvy you are? QR codes are a great way to make traditional one-way marketing mediums more interactive and engaging—enabling you to connect with potential clients like never before! A QR (quick response) code is simply a matrix barcode encoded with data such as a URL,… Read more »

What’s More Important: Google or People?

The most important rule to remember when writing copy for your Web site is to know your audience. But who is your audience? In the world of online marketing, you have two audiences to appease: Google and potential clients. What Is Google Searching for? Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing use complex algorithms to… Read more »

Using the ‘Like’ Button Outside of Facebook

As most businesses already know, Facebook and other social media outlets have become increasingly important for ranking consideration, user experience, and a solid Return on Investment (ROI). However, Facebook’s ‘like’ button is not as widely understood or used by business for maximum benefit.

Top 10 Linking Considerations

As you seek to help your site gain visibility in the search engines, link building is an important tactic that should not be overlooked. Below is a list of the top 10 things you need to keep in mind when building backlinks to your site:

Blogging Like a Blogger: Tips for Starting a New Blog

With so much content online, chances are you’ve either read blogs or have written some. However, when writing blogs for your business, there are some guidelines you should follow to help make you the friend and the expert. Tips for Blogging The main difference between a personal blog and a business blog is that in… Read more »

How to Avoid Overusing Keywords in Your Copy

It is a well-known fact that content is king, and a skillfully written page can make the difference in turning a potential client into a paying customer. One of the most important aspects of writing copy for Internet marketing is the seamless incorporation of keyword phrases into the copy. Here are several tips to help… Read more »

Google’s Panda Update: Slapping Content Farms

Google is always updating and evolving to find ways for its searches to be more helpful to users. One of the latest additions, known as the Panda Update (or the Farmer Update), is one such measure. This update blocks (“slaps” is another term being used) out websites that Google deems inappropriate because of low-quality content…. Read more »