Monthly Archives: January 2011

Social Media Ad Spending on the Rise

A shift in money spent on traditional advertising mediums and the Internet is being noticed around the world. And this isn’t a slow, gradual, can-hardly-notice-it shift; this is a fast, significant, shake-the-earth shift. A recent eMarketer study predicts that $3.08 billion will be spent on social media advertising this year. That’s up a whopping 55%… Read more »

Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Tips–#10 Analytics is committed to providing superior search engine optimization to businesses seeking to expand their reach online. Part of our mission is to enhance awareness of good SEO by educating consumers and promoting ethical search engine optimization within the industry.

Social Media Secrets of Big Brands: Coca-Cola

Last week we talked about the huge success YouTube is having on Facebook. Today, we’re discussing Coca-Cola, the second largest fan page on Facebook. While YouTube’s strategy appears to be largely focused on using techniques to generate user involvement, Coca-Cola has taken a decidedly different approach. In fact, they call their approach to social media:… Read more »

Social Media Secrets of Big Brands: YouTube

It’s no secret. Today’s best marketing practices are increasingly social. As social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to gain momentum as primary places for people to connect, share information and be entertained, a company’s brand is shaped more by the way people are talking about it than any clever ad campaign or company… Read more »

Social Media Isn’t Just Chatter—it’s an SEO Booster!

As more businesses turn to online marketing, the popularity of search engine optimization for websites is growing. While this is great news for the SEO industry and the business owners who are getting well optimized sites, it has made the process of obtaining and maintaining high page rank in the SERPs increasingly difficult. Now that… Read more »

Internet Marketing: Not Just A Piece of the Marketing Pie

A recent eMarketer study suggests B2B marketers are increasing their online marketing budgets.  If you’re a business owner who doesn’t have a large online presence, you may be wondering why other businesses are not only continuing to put marketing dollars online, but are increasing those budgets.  It’s simple—acquiring more customers. While the goals for businesses… Read more »

Recognizing the Value of Social Media: Barack Obama’s State of the Union Embraces Technology

Tonight marks the second time President Barack Obama will speak to the nation in a State of the Union address. While the State of the Union has typically been a conversation between the President and Congress, overtime, technology has enabled presidents to reach a wider audience—a public audience. Previously, the public has been resigned to… Read more »

The Value of Negative Reviews

As search engines increasingly give ranking consideration to online reviews and other social media indicators, businesses need to understand the importance of cultivating online relationships with clients. With this need to be social comes fear of what consumers will post about a business online. Sure, positive comments from happy, satisfied customers are a sure-fire way… Read more »

Developing Content that Creates Trust

If you want your site and, in turn, your business to be successful, people need to trust you. One way to create trust is through the content on your site. So, how do you develop content that creates trust? You have to know what your audience is expecting before you can write copy that develops… Read more »