Monthly Archives: November 2010

Managing Your Online Reputation Before It’s a Problem

It used to be that face-to-face, in-person contact with clients made—or broke—your reputation with your customers. Potential customer might have looked your company up in the phone book and called the Better Business Bureau to find out if you had any negative reports or reviews before coming in for that in-person encounter. Face-to-face, in-person interaction… Read more »

The Importance of Social Media

If you thought that social media marketing for businesses was just a craze and you’ve been waiting for it to die down, you’re going to be waiting a very long time. As businesses everywhere recognize the importance and longstanding-nature of social mediums like Facebook, Twitter and blogging, they are adding social media to their strategic… Read more »

False Promises: Search Engine Optimization Company Offering Guaranteed Results

There has been a lot of recent talk within the SEO community of search engine optimization companies offering “guaranteed” results. Here’s the truth: SEO marketing strategies enhance your capability of experiencing better rank placement, higher site traffic and ROI; but, just like any other form of marketing, results cannot be guaranteed. Here’s why:

The Search Engine Optimization Code of Ethics

Ethical considerations have always been a concern for the SEO community. Black hat practitioners and unethical firms muddy up the search results and create a poor user experience—not to mention the severe penalties a website can face for using techniques to spam the search engines.

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization Services

Our experience at PubCon this week has been amazing! Hearing industry greats like Matt Cutts, Bruce Clay, Andy Beal, Scott Stratten and others has truly been inspiring. Everything we’ve heard only bolsters the fact that businesses who want to do well need search engine optimization services to establish a solid Web presence.