Boost your Visibility on Twitter

Visibility on Twitter

Dan Zarella, the “Social Media and Viral Marketing Scientist,” shared great information about Twitter and Facebook Optimization at PubCon today. While Facebook is about facilitating existing relationships, entertaining and making it cool for FB fans to like your business, Twitter is a whole different ballgame. Twitter is about sharing news and information—setting yourself up as the industry leader and creating a broad professional network.

Below we share some of Dan’s advice on how to boost visibility on Twitter and get those all-important retweets.

Tips to Boost Visibility on Twitter:

  • Take the time to create your Twitter profile: This increases your chances of being ranked within Twitter. No one wants to see tweets posted by no-name individuals or companies.
  • Follow Others: The easiest way to gain popularity on Twitter is to follow others. This creates visibility for you as you appear on another’s “following” list. Be careful, though. Following others should be something that you build over time; not something that happens overnight. Make sure you’re not just a follower with nothing to say.
  • Display Goodwill: No one likes the self-centered jerk. Those who supply positive, other-centered tweets tend to have the highest amounts of followers.
  • Look Credible: Quantity and quality are equally important in the Twitter world. You need to know what you’re talking about and post a lot of tweets. Avoid careless grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • Tweet Often: The most visible Twitter users tweet a lot. Keep your followers interested by keeping them informed.

Tips for Getting Seen via Retweet:

  • Avoid Negativity: Again, no one likes the jerk. Avoid being overly pessimistic or critical in your tweets.
  • Hit Rush Hour: Most people are on Twitter during the day, so the bulk of your tweets should occur during the 9-5 work day.
  • Again, Be Credible: Use intelligent, thoughtful language.
  • Provide More Info: 60% of all retweets contain a link in them.
  • Be Interesting:  Retweets are often related to current events and instructions regarding topics that a lot of people are interested in learning. Don’t talk about the color of your pencils.

As you seek to expand your reach online, can help. We not only provide ethical search engine optimization, but quality social media services geared at helping you get more online visibility  while managing your online reputation. Contact us for more information!

8 Responses to “Boost your Visibility on Twitter”

  1. Walter

    Wow! I didn’t know Twitter could be such a useful marketing tool. How were these tips developed? Surveys?

    • SonicSEO Team

      Dan Zarella is one of the best social media analysts out there. He aggregates data across various social media platforms and draws meaningful conclusions based on his analysis. The tips we shared in this post are some of the things we picked up from his presentation at PubCon.

  2. Lynn

    How do you learn how to tweet interesting fact/posts and how many times a week/day should I be doing this?

    • SonicSEO Team

      The best way to create interesting tweets is to stay abreast of what’s happening in your industry, what people are talking about in relation to your industry, what’s going on in the world in general and what’s going on with you. Look for ways you can inform, inspire, educate, entertain, provoke….and just interact with other people. Developing great tweets and establishing a solid presence on Twitter takes time. Determining how many tweets you should post a week/day is highly individual. You do need to have an active voice on Twitter, but there is no magic number of daily/weekly tweets.

    • SonicSEO Team

      Not sure what you mean. Are you asking how to build your follower base on Twitter? Or a better way to search followers….compared to what? I’m a little confused by the phrase “search followers.” Would love to provide you with a little more info when you have a chance to clarify. 🙂 If it’s easier to discuss, feel free to give us a call.


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