Facebook: Revolutionizing the Way Info is Shared with the ‘Send’ Button


Today, Facebook is rolling out a new feature that has the potential to further shape the way information is shared across the Web—the ‘Send’ button.

The new ‘send’ button allows people to share great articles or online resources they find with selected friends, instead of all of their friends via the ‘like’ button. According to Facebook, the social plugin is “the easiest way to share things with groups and individuals.”

To use the ‘send’ button, individuals simply click the button to choose who they want to share a particular link with. Link info can be sent through Facebook Messages, posted to a Group or sent via email—whatever is deemed the most appropriate method by the person wishing to send the link.

When a person clicks the ‘send’ button, a box will appear with the title of the page, the URL, a brief description of the page and an image. Individuals may include a brief message with their link, but Web developers have full control over the way their content appears by using the Open Graph protocol.

This new social plugin is available to all Web developers starting today. If you already have a ‘like’ button on your site, you can easily add the ‘send’ button by including a simple attribute to the ‘like’ button. Info can be found on the Facebook Developers site.

7 Responses to “Facebook: Revolutionizing the Way Info is Shared with the ‘Send’ Button”

  1. Terrance

    Why wouldn’t you want a person to “Like” your site and open the link up to the larger group?

  2. Ryan

    Cool! I like this idea of a Send button, mostly because when people “Like” something, all of their Facebook friends see about it. Half the time I honestly don’t care what people I know “Like.” Sometimes I’ll see them “Like” something and I think it’s cool so I’ll check it out, but a more focused Send button is a smart idea!

  3. Marion

    I like that you can share things with individuals, but can’t you do the same thing with the link tab? I guess I didn’t realize people were wanting to be so secretive about their link sharing.

  4. Rick

    @Ryan: Good point. In a more specific way, this can allow businesses to target individual people or groups with links to specific articles, pages, or blogs, thus truly customizing the information shared on Facebook for individuals.

  5. Sabrina

    @Rick: Wouldn’t a business be more inclined to target a large group rather than single people or small groups?

  6. Max

    @Terrance- I have to agree with some of the other posters that maybe you’d only want to share specific links with certain people. Rather than swamp people with information, you can share only specific links and bits of information.

  7. SonicSEO Team

    The send button really gives site visitors power over how they share information. It’s not about a business targeting a larger audience…it’s about empowering that audience to share information how they want to. For example, if you know someone who is getting married and you read a good article on wedding planning that you think they would be interested in, you can send that information directly to them, instead of all of your friends. Of course, there are already share buttons on many sites that enable you to share links via email, SMS or other means….this is unique because it’s sharing directly through Facebook.


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