How to Use Facebook for Promotions

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Facebook is the most popular Web site on the Internet, barely beating Google as the most visited site on the Web. There are over 500 million active Facebook users, and each one is always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities in which to take part.

Small businesses need to take advantage of public curiosity by creating a Facebook fan page for themselves and using it to not only connect with potential clients, but advertise. Whether you have an on-going promotion or upcoming special event, below are two of the ways Facebook can assist you in your advertising endeavors: events and ads.

Create an Event

When you have a special event such as a one-day sale or door-buster deal, creating a Facebook event can quickly spread the word. You simply follow the steps starting with creating a title for your event, adding a picture, inviting people, and setting the date. The sooner you start advertising the more people you’ll be able to communicate with.

Use Facebook Ads

Most of the applications, games, and other extras on Facebook are free for users to explore and enjoy; however, Facebook Ads are not. By paying to create an ad for your business on Facebook, you’ll be able to reach millions of users who may be interested in finding you. The great thing about these ads is that you can target exactly what kind of Facebook user sees your ad—ensuring that your ad is seen by the most relevant audience to your business—and adapt your ad along the way if you are not seeing the response that you had hoped for.

Facebook has transformed itself over the years, and your business can now use it for the personal connection and advertising you need to improve your online presence. With over 500 million active users, Facebook is clearly a necessary inclusion in any business’ social media arsenal.

4 Responses to “How to Use Facebook for Promotions”

  1. Rick

    I like the flexibility of Facebook. A business can use Facebook for their business’ long-term marketing needs and also use it to launch an advertising blitz. I think it’s a great and convenient resource for businesses.

  2. Cassidy

    I know when I use FB events for something I am doing it is so much easier to spread the word than trying to tell people in person. I can definitely see the benefit of businesses using FB events and Ads to advertise sales.

  3. Sabrina

    @Rick: You are totally correct! FB does make it much more convenient for businesses to connect with their potential and current clients. I wonder why people would ever not take advantage of this great opportunity?

  4. Terrance

    I wonder if businesses are seeing real positive results from the FB ads?


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