How Can SEO Establish Me as an Industry Leader?


The Search Engine Optimization Advantage

We all know the benefits of being a leader in the industry: respect, higher sales conversions, more revenue. But how does a business owner rise to the top in his or her industry?

The Internet has Leveled the Playing Field

Now that the major search engines are the primary source consumers turn to for information about local businesses, the marketing spotlight is no longer reserved for large, multi-national corporations. Small businesses are also sharing the limelight and receiving attention from Internet consumers who are looking for the very best services to meet their needs.

Woman climbing ladder "to success"Straight to the Top

In search engine marketing, it is very important that your business’ website appears near the top of the search engine results listings. According to a 2007 Penn State study, Internet users only visit the first three results of any given search. To maximize your business’ visibility in your niche market, search engine optimization will help your website climb to the top of the organic search engine listings where your potential clients are looking for you! Through a combination of keyword research, SEO-friendly Web design, and solid, appropriate content, your website may climb above your competitors where you can attract the attention of more clients who are looking for your services.

It’s about Trust

Every business must establish itself as an authority figure before consumers are willing to dole out money for services that they may or may not need. For example, Coca-Cola is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar company. Consumers trust the name Coca-Cola and the logo. They know when they buy a Coca-Cola product that they are going to get a quality beverage that has undergone rigorous testing, quality control inspections and proper bottling processes. Your consumers must be able to trust that your company has the same type of status so that they will feel safe giving up their hard-earned money for your goods and services.

There are three primary ways to establish yourself as an authority figure online through your search engine optimization strategy:

Appear at the Top of the Listings

Consumers have come to rely on search engines to provide accurate and relevant information for their searches. By appearing at the top of search engine listings, you demonstrate that your business will satisfy consumers’ needs and provide them with quality goods and services.

Present a Professional Website

Another way in which you can establish yourself as an authority in your field is by presenting a professional website that provides accurate and relevant information to potential clients. While consumers are looking for proof that you are a credible resource, you can prove to them that you know the answers to their questions and that your website can provide more than they were originally looking for.

Provide a Positive Experience

Of course, your website can only go so far in establishing you as an industry leader. To maintain a solid following of loyal customers, you must provide a superior consumer experience. Word-of-mouth travels fast; so, make sure you do not neglect the overall experience consumers will have when they decide to do business with you.

Internet marketing services is the foundation upon which every Internet marketing campaign should be built. By making sure your site can be found by the people looking for the products or services you provide, you are establishing your brand and growing your consumer base.

7 Responses to “How Can SEO Establish Me as an Industry Leader?”

  1. Leonard

    If most of the Internet marketing strategy is based on SEO, wouldn’t a company with more financial resources be able to afford a bigger SEO package and therefore hit the top (if done by a reliable SEO firm) and take the spots away from other potential top companies? I think the Internet may have leveled the playing field somewhat, but I do believe there are distinct advantages to being a multi-national corporation.

  2. Marzipam_93

    Let’s not forget that you have to have a good product or service in the first place, and one that solves a legitimate problem or fulfills a legitimate need. You can be at the top of the listings, have the best-looking website in the world, and be nonpareil customer service experts, but if you are selling some useless product like burlap duvets, you’re not going to do well.

  3. BillyTee

    Burpla duvets, eh? I gotta agree. SEO isnt magic. Sure its an excellent way to help your business but I think you need to be an established business first or at least a business that knows what its doing and has something to offer clients. Alot of responsiblitiy falls on the business owner/manager.

  4. Marion

    While I agree that the Internet has been somewhat leveled, the amount of your marketing dollars that you are willing and able to spend definitely plays a factor. Companies with a large marketing budget are going to be able to afford larger packages than a smaller company. And no, that doesn’t always matter, but if your company has several pages dedicated to similar products and another company has one page for all of its products, I think I might know who would rank higher. Of course, this is all speculation on my part, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Joan

    @Marion, sure, spending matters as in any form of marketing, but I think dollar for dollar, web marketing is the better choice, especially for smaller or local companies. Traditional marketing via TV/radio/magazine ads is still vastly more expensive than web marketing, yet, and again especially for local businesses, the web is the number one source for finding businesses. If you’ve got a plumbing emergency, you don’t sit around watching TV waiting for a plumbing commercial; you get online. If you’re out and about and decide you want some green curry, you jump on your mobile and do a google maps search. While large corporations certainly have vastly bigger ad budgets, they still spend the bulk of their marketing dollars on traditional media. Local businesses can do the opposite, and put the bulk of their budgets (or even all of their budgets) into web marketing and get a better ROI.

  6. Marion

    @Joan: I have to disagree with the idea that big corporations spend most of their marketing budget on traditional media. Unless you are a brand name pop company, makeup brand, nationwide restaurant, or insurance company, you’re generally not going to have spent that much on TV spots. More of the marketing dollars are going toward Internet marketing, and I think that still puts local/small businesses in the same boat as traditional marketing.

  7. Joan

    @Marion – looks like you’re on to something. This survey shows the budgets are about 50/50 for 2011. This is a small sample of B2B companies, but perhaps applicable on a wider scale:

    But I think we’re more or less saying the same thing – that web marketing dollars are better spent for small businesses than they would be on traditional marketing. There are plenty of local TV commercials out there, and they’re almost all cringe-worthy. I bet they cost a lot more than a good SEO campaign with a lower per dollar ROI.


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