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How to Get Engagement on Your Blog

Engagement. It’s not just what the USS Enterprise does when it jumps to warp speed. It’s one of the major tenets of building—and maintaining—a blog for your business. Customers and potential customers want to see that your company is run by actual people who actively care about their needs. That’s what engagement provides.

How to Engage on Facebook

We all know that Facebook can be a great way to engage with your fans—but how do you engage the right way? Most businesses have a page set up, but not all are regularly interacting with their customers. Facebook engagement is simple: create quality content that your fans will want to discuss and share.

The Avengers: SEO Style

The Avengers started the summer movie season with a bang this past weekend, shattering records like Thor’s hammer shatters glass. If you’ve seen the movie (or even a preview), you know that the members of the Avengers work together as a team to save the world from destruction. At, we’re a lot like the… Read more »

Social Media: Avon is Calling!

Social Media is Important for Businesses of All Sizes Social media can’t be ignored by businesses anymore. Not even direct sales businesses that typically rely on door-to-door, word-of-mouth sales. A recent Wall Street Journal article outlined cosmetics company Avon’s struggle to remedy falling sales; the profit per representative in the US has seen a 75%… Read more »

“I Can’t Close this Stupid Pop-Up” and other Web Marketing Customer Woes

Radio and TV, no doubt, revolutionized marketing. Entirely new avenues of reaching potential customers opened up…and with the potential for multimedia, too! But radio and TV are firmly planted in the “push” marketing paradigm. They trumpet your claims and shout your company name to push an awareness of your company, your products and services into… Read more »