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How to Develop Blog Posts for Your Business

Actually writing content can be the most difficult part of maintaining a blog for your business. Inspiration strikes; it’s not usually a steady stream. But with some planning and by employing a few simple techniques, you can cut down on those hours spent staring at a blank page.

How to Get Engagement on Your Blog

Engagement. It’s not just what the USS Enterprise does when it jumps to warp speed. It’s one of the major tenets of building—and maintaining—a blog for your business. Customers and potential customers want to see that your company is run by actual people who actively care about their needs. That’s what engagement provides.

Promote Your Business Blog

So you’ve created a blog for your business. Congratulations! But a blog won’t be any help to your internet marketing strategy if no one reads it, right? That’s where blog promotion comes in!

The Importance of Blogging

These days, people want to know that the company that they’re spending money with seems…human. In today’s world, every company should be trying to find new ways to connect with their customer base. Long gone are the days of solely using radio or television ads. So, as a business, how do you interact with customers… Read more »

Blogging Like a Blogger: Tips for Starting a New Blog

With so much content online, chances are you’ve either read blogs or have written some. However, when writing blogs for your business, there are some guidelines you should follow to help make you the friend and the expert. Tips for Blogging The main difference between a personal blog and a business blog is that in… Read more »

Be the Friend and the Expert

With social media having such a prevalence on the Internet these days, businesses might be asking themselves if social media is about being friends with people or being an expert in their respective field? When you decide to use social media as part of your online marketing, you don’t have to pick one—you can be… Read more »