SEO Tips for Small Business Growth in 2016

Google’s search algorithms keep changing a number of times every year, always with the goal of providing better quality and more relevant content to searchers. So with ever-changing SEO, what should small businesses remember to stay on top and ahead of their competitors?

Changes don’t need to be dramatic

No matter how many times Google changes its algorithm, the basics of white hat SEO remain the same: Businesses should focus on (more…)

Making the Most of Paid SEO for your Retail Business

Paid SEO – otherwise known as paid search or search engine advertising — is an ideal option for those looking at quick results from online marketing. If you are in the retail business, organic SEO combined with paid marketing techniques like PPC can boost your marketing efforts significantly. Paid SEO, especially, can help your (more…)

Five Tips for Creating Compelling SEO Content

What is SEOOrganic SEO depends highly on the content used. Good quality content not only makes the search engine spiders happy, it also gets you editorial links, which are important for SEO. Business looking to benefit from good quality content for SEO can use these tips for creating compelling content this year:
• Tell a story – Everyone loves a good story. One of the most effective ways of sending a message to your target audience is to (more…)

Reputation Management – Controlling Your Message Online

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of your Internet marketing strategy – but its value goes beyond simply boosting your search rank among competitors. SEO also plays a vital role in the way your business is perceived by potential customers, allowing you to control the message of your brand.

When people search for your company, you want them to (more…)