Let’s Talk about Links, Baby

It doesn’t take much research into search engine optimization before you come across linking as a ranking factor. But linking to what? From where? By whom? And how much does it matter?

As your SEO experts, SonicSEO.com has (more…)

Using Social Media as an Outlet for Customer Care

Customer MeetingMatching customer expectations with brand goals is a necessary strategy to build customer loyalty and a profitable business. Comprehensive and engaging solutions which address customer needs is more important now than ever before. Your social media presence, and utilizing that forum to address issues in a timely manner, may be vital in carrying out your customer care plan and maintaining your customer base.

Social Media Done Wrong Hurts Your Reputation

It’s easy to see the numerous PR nightmares brands suffer when a viral video of poor customer service takes center stage; just look at what happened with United Airlines. While you cannot control what others post to their social media channels, you do have control over: (more…)

Will AMP Be a Ranking Factor?

Mobile SearchA large percentage of all search happens on mobile devices, but actually a pretty marginal portion of that activity actually happens on mobile browsers. With mobile apps offering a faster, more streamlined user experience that minimizes the intrusion of ads, people just don’t see the need to launch Google or Yahoo! or Bing on their iPhones and Androids. But the Internet, more specifically, search engine giants, are fighting to take back a lion’s share of mobile search traffic by providing a better user experience delivered by AMP, open-source standards for faster loading mobile web pages and ads.

What Is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a set of web development standards cooperatively created by Google, Twitter and WordPress that are available to all website developers so that web pages (including ads and images) consistently load faster. (more…)

Why Blog?

Business OwnerSonicSEO.com provides a wide range of Internet marketing solutions, and that includes blogging and social media management. Many of our clients wonder “Why blog?” and as soon as we explain the benefits, they’re on-board with a plan to create new content on a regular basis.

If you’re iffy on the whole company blogging thing, think about this:

Blogging Establishes YOU as an Industry Expert

Blogging gives you the opportunity to (more…)

Web Marketing by Color—What Color Will Increase Your Sales?

Do a quick Google search of “color marketing” (or similar terms), and you’ll be flooded with results—scholarly and not-so-scholarly—about the psychology of color choice in branding and marketing campaigns. Many pieces make it sound simple—you pick one color to create specific emotional response from your audience. But if were that simple, we would already know what color encourages people to buy…and every brand’s logo would use it.

But with the plethora of logos and color schemes out there, obviously, color in marketing isn’t so cut-and-dried. Yet, it is an important consideration for your website to do what it’s designed to do—increase conversions. The key to boosting performance of your website is to (more…)

Finally! Fact Checking at Your Fingertips

Remember when you could trust the news stories you found on the Internet or at least know at a glance which ones were hoaxes? The proliferation of credible-looking news stories making false (yet feasible) claims is wearing on readers who are tired of hunting for real news. Internet viewers may once again be able to trust the news they read as real news with the help of Google’s Fact Check.

What Fact Check Is

Fact Check is a new (more…)

The Cost of SEO

No sustainable business model involves throwing away money on marketing strategies that don’t work and/or overpaying for services. So, is search engine optimization worth the (more…)