Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools – now called Google Search Console – is a powerful tool for site owners looking to boost their visibility on the web and monitor the performance of their sites. It’s one of many tools available to help you understand what’s going on behind the scenes of your website, but it does pose a bit of a learning curve. Let’s take a closer look at Webmaster Tools so you can understand what it can (and cannot) do for you.

What is Webmaster Tools?

Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) is a totally free service offered by Google. It allows you to identify how well a site is performing by checking its indexing status, among other things. Basically, it lets you get a realistic overview of just how well your site is performing.

These are some of the things you can do with Webmaster Tools:

    webmaster tools

  • Check the crawl rate to see when and how frequently Google accesses your site.
  • View all the internal and external pages that link to your site, so you can see where you are getting backlinks and whether any spammy links need to be disavowed.
  • See which pages Googlebot might have a difficult time crawling.
  • Identify the various keyword searches that lead to your site being discovered and what the click-through rate of those searches is.

Webmaster Tools can do many other things as well, depending on your needs. Pretty much any information you need about your site’s search engine performance can be (more…)

The Evolution of Web Design

In many ways, the Internet still feels like new technology – but the truth is that the earliest web pages were built more than 25 years ago, long enough for web design to have developed a robust legacy of its own. The sleek websites of today barely resemble the bald interlinked text of the early 1990s, but we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without the innovations of Web designers, coders and technology creators along the way. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see just how far we’ve come!

The Early Years

The earliest websites, built around 1990, were simple text documents linked together with hyperlinks embedded in the text. At the time, the Internet was more of an interlinked textbook than what we have today, and Web design was an unheard-of job title.

Within a few short years, however, HTML advanced to allow for modifications to a site’s appearance, changing things like background colors and images, text color and size, embedded images and more. The best of these mid-90s sites were coded into tables to keep content easy to navigate and pleasantly arranged. The worst were garish explosions of animated clipart and tiled backgrounds clashing against bright text. Fortunately, around this time businesses began to understand the importance of attractive websites, and web design – separate from coding – began to (more…)

Cyber Bullying

The Internet is a powerful tool. It can be used to spread information, reach vast audiences, deliver marketing messages and connect people from across the world. But it can also be used to hurt. In recent years, cyber-bullying among young people is on the rise – and it’s a serious problem.

Text MessagingWhat is Cyber-Bullying?

Cyber-bullying is a catch-all term for harassment and other malicious acts committed with technology — email, text messaging, websites, social media etc. Some common cyber-bullying attacks include:

  • Spreading rumors through social media
  • “Doxxing” or posting a person’s private information online to solicit harassment toward that person
  • Spreading of embarrassing photos or videos
  • Making threats, either publicly or privately, through technological means


The Culture of Sharing: Creating Content that Spreads

Ever since the days of sack lunches and coloring books, sharing has always been a popular societal norm between people. Creating Shareable ContentAnd, nowadays, people share everything…online!

From selfies to news articles and from memes to food photos, information is shared constantly, spreading like wildfire. As a society, we love sharing—it provides a glimpse into different lifestyles, perceptions, opinions and ideas of others.

So, as a business, how do you take advantage of such a viral and sharing community? Create content that spreads. (more…)

First Comes Love…

Valentine's Day BrandingNot only is Valentine’s Day the leading day for rose purchases in the U.S., but it’s also one of the top well-branded holidays right behind Christmas and Halloween.

Jewelry, candy, flowers, and dinner are all items we normally purchase for a loved one on February 14th, but how did a normal day become such a big deal?

Branding. Marketing. (more…)

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How to Find an Albuquerque Website Design Company

Albuquerque Website DesignDeveloping your Albuquerque website is one of the most important aspects of your online marketing campaign. Your website must be inviting, professional and easy to use if you want your Internet traffic to turn into clients. If your site is not designed properly, you have a lot to lose. Not only can poor design drive away potential clients, but poor design can cost you money and harm your reputation. To avoid such costly mistakes, it is important to hire a design firm that can help you not only create a user-friendly site, but help you develop a strategy to drive targeted traffic to your site with conversion rate in mind. (more…)

Albuquerque Web Design

As Steve Jobs famously said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Those words have never been more true.Albuquerque Web Design (more…)