Be the Friend and the Expert

Be a Friend and Expert

With social media having such a prevalence on the Internet these days, businesses might be asking themselves if social media is about being friends with people or being an expert in their respective field? When you decide to use social media as part of your online marketing, you don’t have to pick one—you can be both. 

By using all of the different platforms and using them in the best way possible, you will create interactive relationships with your customers AND be seen as an expert in your field within the cyber community.

The beauty of using social media is that each platform has a different purpose for your strategic marketing plan. And, when you hire a company to manage your social media, they can utilize each social media outlet for the specific purpose for which it was intended. The result? The trust that comes with a professional friendship and expert status.

Being the Friend

These days people want to feel good about the company they are choosing to do business with.  Because there is so much competition, consumers know that they can be selective about which products and services they choose. So, when consumers want instant reviews and recommendations, more and more of them are turning to the Internet to make their purchasing decisions.

If your company has made the decision to develop and manage your online reputation through the use of SEO and social media, consumers turning to the Internet is great for your company! By using SEO, people are finding your site more easily when they need your product or service. And, by using specific social media outlets, you are creating personal relationships with your customers.

When you use social media such as Facebook and YouTube to interrelate with your target markets, you can converse and interact with them on a personal basis. This creates a relationship between you and your client base, which will establish a trust over time. Once that trust is established, your clients will know they can rely on you and your business for that important professional friendship.

Being the Expert

With so many competitors online, it can seem difficult to stand out among them. Being seen as an expert online is something that can happen over time. How? Blogging and Twitter. While Facebook and YouTube allow for interaction and relationship building, blogging and Twitter are more focused on getting people useful information in a concise way.

When your company writes blogs with useful tips and tweets links to useful articles, industry leaders and consumers will notice who is delivering those informative tips and tweets. Eventually, people will start to come to you for the advice they need in your industry. Because you gave them something for nothing, and demonstrated your knowledge within your industry, consumers will gravitate toward you when they need advice and want to purchase what you have to offer.

Becoming a friend and an expert to your target markets and colleagues is something that takes time, patience and dedication, but it can happen. Decide to start using social media now so you can be the ultimate friend with expert benefits!

9 Responses to “Be the Friend and the Expert”

  1. Andrew

    I get the whole Facebook thing, but I never thought about blogs as a way for businesses to be seen as leaders or experts. Makes sense. Good insight!

      • SonicSEO Team

        Facebook helps businesses become a relevant part of people’s lives. By establishing an engaging presence on Facebook, you can keep your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds. Keep in mind that Facebook has over 500 million users….and most of those people use Facebook to establish connections. This is important to remember, because if you start a Facebook page and just use it to blast self-promotional messages, you’re going to turn people off. You have to enter the Facebook community and effectively meet people’s expectations to connect. By effectively networking with your target audience and making it cool for people to like you, you can boost your bottom line.

        I can see how it can be hard to understand how Facebook helps business….especially when businesses are used to traditional, passive advertising. Effective marketing in today’s tech-savvy culture demands interaction and relevance.

        This is just some basic information about how Facebook can help businesses. I will be writing a more detailed blog post about this shortly, so check back for more information next week! 🙂

  2. Marion

    Awesome post! I love the division between Facebook and Twitter and blogging. I guess I never saw them as seriously different entities with quite different benefits.

  3. Walter

    The information in this article is really true! I have a couple friends who own businesses that swear by the benefits interacting with consumers online has given them. Great article!

  4. Sabrina

    @Kris – Having a solid Web presence on Facebook and Twitter will help bring clients to your blogs/site. This is how you’re going to get more clients who may not have searched for your services on a search engine.

  5. Anthony

    I don’t spend much time exploring the social media what alternatives do I have to create a following on twitter or facebook

    • SonicSEO Team

      Facebook and Twitter have over 700 million users between them. Since these are primary places that people turn to to connect, businesses really need to be there to tap into this market. Of course there are alternatives to Facebook and Twitter: MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr and others. Depending on the unique needs of your business, having a presence on more than Facebook and Twitter may be beneficial. Give us a call and we can discuss your specific social networking needs.


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