Monthly Archives: June 2011

Google Reaches One Billion Users

One billion? Yep. For May of 2011, Google sites were visited by more than 1 billion unique users from around the world, marking the first time that threshold has been crossed for a specific website. Of course, this includes the various Googles for different countries, as well as Google News, Google image search, and so… Read more »

How SEO Turns into Clients

Achieving High Search Engine Ranking and Optimization By providing a professional, aesthetically pleasing website, you are on your way to a solid marketing strategy. However, a sleek and functional website that is not optimized to target your niche audience in the search engines will bring you little ROI. In order to see conversions from your… Read more »

How Much Does Good Design Really Cost?

“In the know” business owners are aware that they need good website design to impress potential clients. However, many DIY business professionals often think they will achieve inexpensive search engine optimization placement by tackling their business’ website themselves. Unfortunately, the amount of time and the level of skill involved in creating a professional Web design… Read more »

How Does SEO Work?

Millions of businesses—small and large—clamor to be heard online because they have learned that potential customers now turn to the Internet to find products and services that they need. For local businesses, the challenge of being heard amidst the voices of thousands of other businesses like yours can be daunting. This is where SEO (or… Read more »

Online Reputation Management – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Before the Internet became the dominant form of information sharing, managing your reputation wasn’t all that important, simply because it wasn’t too easy for your reputation to be damaged. Sure, once in a while someone like Ralph Nader might write a damning book about the American auto industry. Or a bunch of negative news coverage… Read more »

Online Marketing Budgets Just Keep Growing—Is Yours?

While advertising budgets worldwide will experience steady if unspectacular growth for the next several years, a new study suggests that online advertising will see double-digit growth every year through 2015. The increase in online advertising will be even stronger in the United States, and will continue to make up a bigger and bigger portion of… Read more »

Protect yourself from Bad SEO Advice

Every week, we encounter businesses who have been given bad advice when it comes to SEO. As part of our effort to provide businesses with quality information about SEO, we are posting an article by Jill Whalen that arms you with information to protect yourself from unscrupulous SEO practitioners. Who Keeps Spreading Silly SEO Stupidity, and… Read more »

Don’t Just Focus on Your Homepage

Efficient Search Engine Optimization Placement Homepages should be short and sweet. Or pithy and edgy. Or fast and sleek. Or whatever experience you are trying to convey to your website viewers. Homepages should not be an information dump. If you treat your homepage as the be-all-and-end-all source of information about your business, you are going… Read more »